Wee Chat with Steve Poltz – Musician

Steve Poltz 11


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In this Wee Chat we talk to Steve Poltz, a Canadian born singer and songwriter.  We have all at one point or another probably heard one of his songs on TV or the radio as his songs have been amongst the longest running ever on the Billboard Top 100 and they regularly appear in movie soundtracks, television shows, and even the odd commercial. He talks to us backstage before a gig at Slim’s in San Francisco about the mental side of being a professional musician.  He mentions how he prefers to have uncertainty rather than a set playlist for his shows and with no routines.  This transfers to his shows where the crowd, along with him, do not know what to expect; he only relies on what is in his control, which is the music. This is an excellent skill that we love working on with performers.  He makes each show unique in order to keep things spontaneous for himself and the audience.  Listen to how he credits his success to the positive thinking that was taught to him by his father, this is a great example for us interested in mental skills for performance. This Wee Chat was a lot of fun, so enjoy listening to Steve Poltz’s brilliance and his many stories!

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