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Wee Chat with Jessie Barr – Track Olympian

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In this Wee Chat we talk with Jessie Barr, Irish 2012 Olympian in the 4 x 400m relay team in London, and Irish National 400m Hurdle Champion from 2011-2013. She participated in various sports from a young age and competed in track as just part of her normal sport and social routine, until she began to realize her current and potential ability, and that she could compete at a high level on the world stage. During her final years as an undergrad at the University of Limerick, and continuing on past graduation, she has purposefully continued to pursue personal best. She’s now combining her elite level training for greatness with studying for a PhD in Sport Psychology. In this Wee Chat Jessie talks about gaining confidence through her later years of competing at the university and how important having that attitude is to her. Although racing against others, her focus has consistently been on trying to improve her personal best, and she believes this outlook is part of what has served her well. Jessie speaks of the mental skills she uses such as reminding herself why she is competing and all of the work that has gone into her training when she feels doubtful of her ability. She also addresses the routines that allow her to prepare for a race, with visualizing what aspects will potentially impact the course as she runs. Jessie also talks of being aware of what her “auto pilot” is when competing, how she needs to fully focus during competition, and mentally what she has done in order to shift her focus back in that trajectory when it is thrown off.

She comes from a family of accomplished track athletes as her brother and also a Wee Chat guest, 2016 Olympian Thomas Barr, competed in the finals of the 400m Men’s Hurdles in Rio! He broke his own personal best, broke the national record and came 4th, which was such a great achievement and had the whole of Ireland jumping up and down.

Enjoy this Wee Chat with Olympian Jessie Barr.
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Wee Chat with Dr. Leslie Sherlin – Neuroscientist

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In this Wee Chat we talk with Dr. Leslie Sherlin, one of the leading neuroscientists in sport psychology. He has spent numerous years studying many brains in his pursuit of identifying what neurological components separate elite athletes from regular people. This pursuit has led to his work being featured on networks like ESPN and CNN as well as partnering with Red Bull. By having an understanding in neuroscience, sport psychology and clinical psychology, Dr. Sherlin incorporates techniques which support which psychological and physiological states. He talks about his own process ​for performance ​and how he uses certain techniques like reflection and introspection to evaluate his own work/performance. Join us and listen to how this and more have helped Dr. Sherlin’s path in looking for the unknown in various great and brilliant minds.

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Wee Chat with Dr. Mitch Abrams – Sport Psychologist

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In this Wee Chat, we talk to Dr. Mitch Abrams, who is a sport psychologist and national expert on anger management. His knowledge on anger management has led him to be sought after by many athletes, teams, and organizations to help provide more insight on this important topic and how to best to address it. Mitch is based in New Jersey where he works as a Clinician Administrator for University Correctional Health Care, which is part of Rutgers University.  In this role he oversees mental health services for five of the state prisons in New Jersey and coordinates the forensic track for pre-doctoral internships. His other focus is his private sport psychology practice which he has established for more than 20 years now.  This interview took place on the JFK University campus in Pleasant Hill, California, right after he gave a day workshop to the Master’s students in Sport Psychology. So enjoy this Wee Chat over a cup of tea with the brilliant Mitch Abrams and check out for more information about Dr. Abrams.

Wee Chat with Dr Barry Cripps, Sport Psychologist

This week’s new episode features Dr Barry Cripps. Alison’s mentor discusses key aspects of mental prep that are crucial for him.


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Dr Barry Cripps, CPsychol, CSci, FBPsS

 Having spent his early career in Hampton School, RAF and Loughborough University, Barry undertook a doctorate in the Social Psychology of Sport, focusing his research on Team Interaction in Professional Soccer.  Career moves followed into the BPS/DOP and the role of Director of Training for a test publisher.  Barry has had a portfolio career focusing on individual, team and organisational work in industry and sport. Among the clients who have engaged Barry as a Psychologist are the CIPD, Cranfield Exec MBA, The Met Office and British Olympic Association.


Barry is a Founder Member of the British Psychological society (BPS) Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology. He was Winner of the Distinguished Contribution to the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology Award presented at the Inaugural Conference of the DSEP, December 2008. He has lectured in psychology and business with the Open University, the University of Plymouth, Exeter University, and Visiting Professor at the University of Commerce, Tianjin, China. Barry serves as an External Examiner in Business Psychology. Barry is Newsletter editor of the South West Branch, South West Review. He is particularly interested in personality, assessment, psychometrics, clinical hypnosis, positive and sport psychology; he has produced two books and is co-author of the personality questionnaire, Eysenck, Cripps & Cook Occupational Scales. His Consultancy is based in Exeter, Devon, England.


Barry was Alison’s primary supervisor for her applied work in sport psychology during her studies. He introduced her to elite archery, guided her closely in all aspects of the field and played a pivotal role in her growth as a young professional. She is deeply grateful for all his inspirational wisdom and all the hours spent at Lilleshall and hours of walking supervision through gorgeous Devon!


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Wee Chat with Jeff Greenwald, sport psychology consultant – Part 2

Wee Chat with Jeff Greenwald – Part 2 focuses more on his experiences as a top tennis player and what happened when he won ITF Senior World Championships. He talks about what strategies he used and how he kept his confidence high.

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Wee Chat with Jeff Greenwald internationally recognized sport psychology consultant

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Interview with Jeff Greenwald

Jeff Greenwald is an internationally recognized sport psychology consultant, author and licensed therapist specializing in mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. He has also been a world-ranked competitive tennis player. Jeff was ranked #1 in the world by the ITF in the men’s 35 age division and #1 in the U.S. in singles and doubles by the USTA in 2002. He is the author of both Fearless Tennis and The Best Tennis of Your Life. Jeff has been an adjunct faculty member and supervisor at JFKU for graduate students in the sport psychology program. He earned his B.A. at the University of California at Santa Barbara and his Master’s Degree in clinical psychology with a specialization in sport psychology from John F. Kennedy University. Jeff has been a guest speaker for numerous sports organizations and a consultant for the United States Tennis Association. He lives with his wife and two children in Marin County, in northern California.


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