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Wee Chat with Brian “Iron Ed” Hiner – retired Lieutenant Commander Navy SEAL

Ed Hiner, ret Navy SEAL Lt CommanderNOGUN


In this Wee Chat retired Lieutenant Commander Navy SEAL, Brian “Iron Ed” Hiner, talks about his life as a Navy SEAL, as a leader of SEAL basic and advanced training and how the principles he learned in this environment helped him be resilient and a leader. He is passionate about helping others and now offers up this vast experience base as a coach and consultant specializing in leadership, team building, mental toughness, resiliency and personal conflict resolution. His book First, Fast, Fearless: How to Lead Like a Navy SEAL is currently on the LA Times bestseller and describes not only what Navy SEALs go through in training, and during deployment, it also goes through how we can learn from these experiences for resilience and leadership. Enjoy this Wee Chat with this inspiring man.

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