Huge thanks, credit and indebtedness go to the following Brilliant People for all their continued help and support in making this project come to fruition:

Mat Park ~ The genius behind the music, voiceovers, photography, the initial video editor and all round Brilliant person (who trained at JFK University). Thank you Dr. Park!

Ronald Yau ~ You have been so professional and courteous throughout this whole process it has been a great pleasure to work with you, I am so glad that we have a friend in common (Dori you rock!). Thank you thank you for all your great advice, guidance, for late night laughs, your website brilliance and your SEO-ness!

Sean-Kelley Quinn ~ Thank you so much for all your hours of work in editing the videos, your words of encouragement; your dedication has been unquestionable, quite Brilliant and I am most grateful.

Serge Gay Jr. ~ It has been an honour and privilege to get to know you, have interviewed you for this series and also to have your amazing art at the forefront of Wee Chats with Brilliant People. Thank you so much for the fantastic logo, it has helped inspire a lot of visual elements on this site as well as the music choices; you and your work are indeed Brilliant and much appreciated.

Virgil ~ For being Brilliant every day, you are truly inspirational and a keeper 😉