Archive | June, 2013

Interview With Roger Draper Part 1: How to Prepare For a Presentation And Other Big Events

Roger Draper, the Chief Executive of the Lawn Tennis Association shares about how he gets ready for a big event such as preparing for a presentation.

He shares how the principles used as a tennis player are similar to those of being a chief executive such as

  • keeping your energy levels high
  • visualizing your performance
  • preparation
  • paying a lot of attention to detail

This interview was recorded April 2012.

First Full Interview with Lesley Paterson XTERRA Triathlete World Champion

Our first full Wee Chat is with XTERRA Triathlete World Champion Lesley Paterson!

In this interview, you will learn

  • why Lesley Paterson does triathlons
  • her kinaesthetic awareness experience
  • how she achieves high performance on a bad day
  • how she uses association and disassociation strategies as an athlete

This interview was recorded on November 26th 2011