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Wee Chat with Neal Huntington – Baseball General Manager

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As the baseball season has just started again we talk in this Wee Chat to Neal Huntington, General Manager of the Major League baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Neal has been in this position since 2007 and has helped the organization became a force to be reckoned with in Major League Baseball (MLB). He gives us insight on the mental side of being a leader and the importance of balance in its many forms. Teams in the MLB are starting to realize the importance of the mental side of the game and Neal embodies resilience through his work as the GM and describes how he rides the waves. We also learn a little more about his family and his philosophy on being a good leader. Alison interviewed him at the end of a weekend Think Tank that she took part in at their training ground in Bradenton, Florida. So sit back and enjoy this Wee Chat over a cup of tea with the brilliant Neal Huntington.

Check out for more information about Neal and his work as a GM.

Interview With Roger Draper Part 1: How to Prepare For a Presentation And Other Big Events

Roger Draper, the Chief Executive of the Lawn Tennis Association shares about how he gets ready for a big event such as preparing for a presentation.

He shares how the principles used as a tennis player are similar to those of being a chief executive such as

  • keeping your energy levels high
  • visualizing your performance
  • preparation
  • paying a lot of attention to detail

This interview was recorded April 2012.