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Wee Chat with The Brothers Comatose – band



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In this Wee Chat, we talk to The Brothers Comatose, a “Fun folk/bluegrass/Americana rowdy string band with a party vibe” (their own description of themselves!). This is our first interview with a whole band (and the 18 month old Charlie helped out) and what fun it was! Over a cup of tea and some British biscuits, they talked about their secret to traveling together and still getting on, the difference between performing in small bars and bigger venues, what they do to warm up, the role of alcohol in performance, and how they get their game face on! Enjoy this Wee Chat with the brilliant and exciting Brothers Comatose.
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Wee Chat with Mike Seal, conductor

Michael Seal 9

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In this Wee Chat, which took place backstage at the great Philharmonic Hall of Liverpool, Alison talks to Mike Seal, who is an Associate Conductor for the CBSO (the prestigious City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra), and he also conducts for other top orchestras. Mike talks about how he gets the most from his players, how he helps them feel more confident, what mental training techniques he uses to help his “mental triggers”, how long it takes to learn a score and other fascinating stories. He includes lots of sporting analogies along the way, especially ones around the game of cricket, which is one of the loves of his life! If you would like to learn more about Mike’s background and how to connect with him directly, check out for more information. So enjoy this Wee Chat over a cup of tea with the brilliant Mike Seal.