Wee Chat with Ruby Biloskirka-Conley, musician



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In this Wee Chat Ruby Biloskirka-Conley talks about her training from a young age as a classical pianist and how her life has changed since becoming a touring musician with shows such as American Idol, The Voice and Disney, and now she works as the Social Media Curator and Artist Relation manager at Roland Corporation. In this Wee Chat she describes what life is like on the road and how having a professional attitude around all aspects of preparation is the key to success. She gives top tips on how to focus and what to do when nervous before performing. She talks about having a healthy and positive mindset for a sustainable career in the music business. If you would like to learn more about Ruby’s background, check out WeeChats.com for more information. Enjoy this Wee Chat over a cup of tea and some shortbread with Ruby Biloskirka-Conley.