Wee Chat with Jose Lambert – Tennis Coach

Jose Lambert 1


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In this Wee Chat we talk to Jose Lambert, tennis coach at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. Jose knows the IMG Academy pretty well due to being one of their players in his younger days. Knowing the culture and expectations it takes to be a player for IMG has helped Jose bring that experience into his own coaching style. He likes to “walk the walk” in order to serve as a role model for his players not just physically but mentally as well. Jose recognizes the importance ​that ​visualization plays in coaching and can help prepare them for anything that may happen during the day.

Lambert has been with the IMG Academy Bollettieri Tennis program for almost thirty-five years. First as a player and then as a coach, Lambert played a major role in the development of the tennis program at IMG Academy. He served as a traveling coach for Monica Seles, and​ Jim Courier. He has also worked with other tennis greats like Andre Agassi and Maria Sharapova​ and currently does some coaching with Kei Nishikori​.​ Check out www.weechats.com/brilliant-people/jose-lambert-tennis-coach/ for more information about Jose and his work as a​ top​​ ​tennis coach.


Wee Chat with Catherine Arlidge – MBE, Violinist for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

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In this Wee Chat we talk to Catherine Arlidge, MBE. She is a violinist and presenter for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in England. Since starting to play the violin at the age of 5 Catherine has gone on to achieve many accolades throughout her career. In January 2016 Catherine was awarded a prestigious MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s honours list, for services to music education. In her career she has started various programs to help use music as an educational outlet, whilst also continuing to play for the CBSO.

In her Wee Chat she talks about what it is like to work with some of the best conductors in the world, like Sir Simon Rattle, the difference between striving to be a top performer as a violinist versus being a team player in the collective of an orchestra, being an ambassador for some of the greatest art known to us, she also touches on what her 3 Ps of preparation are and she talks about what she does to counter nerves before performing. She discusses the excitement that music brings to her and especially being able to convey that to young audiences in her teaching. Check out www.weechats.com/brilliant-people/catherine-arlidge-MBE-violinist/ for more information about Catherine and her work as a violinist.

Wee Chat with Neal Huntington – Baseball General Manager

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As the baseball season has just started again we talk in this Wee Chat to Neal Huntington, General Manager of the Major League baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Neal has been in this position since 2007 and has helped the organization became a force to be reckoned with in Major League Baseball (MLB). He gives us insight on the mental side of being a leader and the importance of balance in its many forms. Teams in the MLB are starting to realize the importance of the mental side of the game and Neal embodies resilience through his work as the GM and describes how he rides the waves. We also learn a little more about his family and his philosophy on being a good leader. Alison interviewed him at the end of a weekend Think Tank that she took part in at their training ground in Bradenton, Florida. So sit back and enjoy this Wee Chat over a cup of tea with the brilliant Neal Huntington.

Check out www.weechats.com/brilliant-people/neal-huntington-general-manager/ for more information about Neal and his work as a GM.

Wee Chat with Dr. Mitch Abrams – Sport Psychologist

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In this Wee Chat, we talk to Dr. Mitch Abrams, who is a sport psychologist and national expert on anger management. His knowledge on anger management has led him to be sought after by many athletes, teams, and organizations to help provide more insight on this important topic and how to best to address it. Mitch is based in New Jersey where he works as a Clinician Administrator for University Correctional Health Care, which is part of Rutgers University.  In this role he oversees mental health services for five of the state prisons in New Jersey and coordinates the forensic track for pre-doctoral internships. His other focus is his private sport psychology practice which he has established for more than 20 years now.  This interview took place on the JFK University campus in Pleasant Hill, California, right after he gave a day workshop to the Master’s students in Sport Psychology. So enjoy this Wee Chat over a cup of tea with the brilliant Mitch Abrams and check out www.weechats.com/brilliant-people/mitch-abrams-sport-psychologist/ for more information about Dr. Abrams.

Wee Chat with The Brothers Comatose – band



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In this Wee Chat, we talk to The Brothers Comatose, a “Fun folk/bluegrass/Americana rowdy string band with a party vibe” (their own description of themselves!). This is our first interview with a whole band (and the 18 month old Charlie helped out) and what fun it was! Over a cup of tea and some British biscuits, they talked about their secret to traveling together and still getting on, the difference between performing in small bars and bigger venues, what they do to warm up, the role of alcohol in performance, and how they get their game face on! Enjoy this Wee Chat with the brilliant and exciting Brothers Comatose.
If you would like to learn more about The Brothers Comatose and how to connect with them directly, check out http://weechats.com/brilliant-people/the-brothers-comatose-band for more information.


Wee Chat with Mike Seal, conductor

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In this Wee Chat, which took place backstage at the great Philharmonic Hall of Liverpool, Alison talks to Mike Seal, who is an Associate Conductor for the CBSO (the prestigious City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra), and he also conducts for other top orchestras. Mike talks about how he gets the most from his players, how he helps them feel more confident, what mental training techniques he uses to help his “mental triggers”, how long it takes to learn a score and other fascinating stories. He includes lots of sporting analogies along the way, especially ones around the game of cricket, which is one of the loves of his life! If you would like to learn more about Mike’s background and how to connect with him directly, check out www.weechats.com/brilliant-people/mike-seal-conductor/ for more information. So enjoy this Wee Chat over a cup of tea with the brilliant Mike Seal.

Wee Chat with Ruby Biloskirka-Conley, musician



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In this Wee Chat Ruby Biloskirka-Conley talks about her training from a young age as a classical pianist and how her life has changed since becoming a touring musician with shows such as American Idol, The Voice and Disney, and now she works as the Social Media Curator and Artist Relation manager at Roland Corporation. In this Wee Chat she describes what life is like on the road and how having a professional attitude around all aspects of preparation is the key to success. She gives top tips on how to focus and what to do when nervous before performing. She talks about having a healthy and positive mindset for a sustainable career in the music business. If you would like to learn more about Ruby’s background, check out WeeChats.com for more information. Enjoy this Wee Chat over a cup of tea and some shortbread with Ruby Biloskirka-Conley.


Wee Chat with Brian “Iron Ed” Hiner – retired Lieutenant Commander Navy SEAL

Ed Hiner, ret Navy SEAL Lt CommanderNOGUN


In this Wee Chat retired Lieutenant Commander Navy SEAL, Brian “Iron Ed” Hiner, talks about his life as a Navy SEAL, as a leader of SEAL basic and advanced training and how the principles he learned in this environment helped him be resilient and a leader. He is passionate about helping others and now offers up this vast experience base as a coach and consultant specializing in leadership, team building, mental toughness, resiliency and personal conflict resolution. His book First, Fast, Fearless: How to Lead Like a Navy SEAL is currently on the LA Times bestseller and describes not only what Navy SEALs go through in training, and during deployment, it also goes through how we can learn from these experiences for resilience and leadership. Enjoy this Wee Chat with this inspiring man.

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Wee Chat with J.J. Hanrahan – young elite rugby player

For those of you who are interested in elite rugby and/or learning more about pre-performance routines, in this Wee Chat J.J. Hanrahan describes in great detail what he uses for his kicking routine and how mental preparation and working with a sport psychologist has worked for him. J.J. has played successfully for Munster in Ireland for several years and in 2015 was signed to play for the top English club, Northampton Saints. Check out this Wee Chat and his great Irish accent while we drink tea in Limerick University in Ireland.

(For the interview click on the picture or visit  http://weechats.com/brilliant-people/j-j-hanrahan-young-elite-rugby-player )

Wee Chat with Brad Gilbert – elite tennis coach, analyst and commentator

Brad Gilbert

In this Wee Chat, I ask top tennis coach and analyst Brad Gilbert about the mental aspects of tennis, he also talks about how his ‘Winning Ugly’ book came about, what he thinks about preparation for big events and matches and how he has got players like Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick and Andy Murray ready to face “every other day” at a grand slam event. He even talks about one of his pet peeves which is the attitude of the English to sports and he gives his thoughts on English football (soccer)! He finishes with a nod to his beloved Golden State Warriors who recently won the NBA title.
This was one of the most fun interviews to do, not just because of my love of tennis but also because of the antics of his dogs having much fun in the background!